We are a unique creative agency with 25 years of experience in photography and motion, who offer a home for a collective of kindred spirits. our artist have been recognized by the Sony World Awards and the International Photography Awards. We have run productions based from the sunny beaches of Miami and Los Angeles to the crowded pavement of New York and the Narrow streets of the old continent. 

The creative process has no boundaries, or questions of authenticity. So instead we balance its push and pull like the breaking of the waves. 


Co-Agency Director

Emily Noechel - Emily@nouvellevaguela.com

Artists Rep.

Christopher Labzda - Chris@nouvellevaguela.com

Head Producer

Amanda Yarbrough - Amanda@nouvellevaguela.com



P:310.827.1000 P:310.827.1014 Fax: 310.827.1018