For Kassia Meador, becoming a surf icon was just the start of a spectacular rise to international regard. Often called the Grace Kelly of longboarding, the professional surfer is emerging as a lavishly gifted phenomenon who has earned esteem for her ventures into the worlds of photography, fashion, music, and film. A Valley girl turned global cultural ambassador, Meador now serves as a muse to fashion editors and envelope-pushing fine artists while ceaselessly exploring fresh new ways to fulfill her own hyper-creative spirit.

After learning to surf at age 14 and going pro at 18, Meador quickly gained acclaim for her uncommonly graceful surf style (a dance-like elegance that prompted the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis to liken her to “Ginger Rogers on a surfboard”). While roaming the globe on her surfing excursions, the Roxy poster girl began taking photographs to capture the rugged beauty and scrappy glamour of the surf lifestyle — then showcasing her photography work in galleries around the world and joining forces with photography collective Nouvelle Vague LA.

Meador’s artistically ambitious endeavors next extended to UFO 2012 (a Los Angeles-based psychedelic crystal-bowl ensemble), Frequencies (a surf-film project co- helmed by director Bruce Muller, cinematographer Sonny Miller, and L.A. band E.S.P), and a host of collaborations with leading-edge labels (including a sleek yet punk-inspired signature line of wetsuits for Roxy, as well as boldly inventive collections for Swatch, Stance Socks, and Captain Fin Company).

With a line of home goods featuring her photography and design among her most recent undertakings, Meador continues to balance her breezy energy with boundless passion and visionary ambitions. “People tend to focus on Kassia as a surfer, but for me it’s about her vision,” notes Richard Phillips, who cast Meador as Lindsay Lohan’s stunt double in his art film First Point. "She's a 21st century renaissance artist who brings a mastery to everything she does, and whose contagious energy simply changes everything around her in positive way."